All About my Trip to the Dentist

Simple stories you can read with your child to help prepare for their dental visit


I’m going to the dentist today.  I’m a little nervous but, my mom says it’s going to be fine.  Everybody has to go to the dentist to make sure our smiles are healthy.


When I get to the dentist office, we check-in at the front counter.  Here, I use my inside voice and keep my hands to myself.


The dentist has activity sheets that I can do while I wait to be called back.  I’ll read, color, and learn some cool craft ideas for when I get home.


When we get called to the back, they check my weight (My job is to stand still on the scale until we know how much I weigh) and ask my mom some questions about my health.


Then the dentist might want to take pictures of my teeth.  They use this big machine that looks like it’s from outer space.  It’s really cool looking and can show the dentist inside my teeth!


After the pictures, I get to sit in my own, big recliner.  My dental hygienist needs to look in my mouth and make sure my teeth and gums are healthy.  They’re going to help clean my teeth really good.


My hygienist uses funny tools and sprays some water in my mouth.  They use a little tube to suck out all of the extra water for me too.  After they’re done, my teeth feel really smooth and clean!


Then they floss and brush my teeth with toothpaste that tastes like bubble gum.  They say it will help my teeth and that it has fluoride in it.  I just think it tastes good.


The dentist talks to my mom and tells her how I did.


When the dentists says we’re ready, I can go home!  That was easy!